The Florida Department of Financial Services (“FDFS”) filed a claim in state court against General Reinsurance Corporation (“Gen Re”) after discovering that in the course of Aries Insurance Company’s (“Aries”) receivership, Aries made improper preferential transfers to Gen Re within six months of the rehabilitation date. Alleging diversity jurisdiction, Gen Re removed the action to Florida district court. FDFS moved to remand the claim to state court pursuant to the McCarran-Ferguson Act. The district court first determined that, under the Florida Insurers Rehabilitation and Liquidation Act (the “Liquidation Act”), the assets at issue are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Leon County Circuit Court. Granting the motion to remand, the district court stated that the federal removal statute does not specifically relate to the business of insurance, found that the Liquidation Act provision vesting exclusive jurisdiction in the state court served to regulate the business of insurance, cited similar findings by other courts regarding such jurisdictional provisions, and concluded that the McCarran-Ferguson Act applies causing the Liquidation Act to preempt the federal removal statute. Fla. Dep’t. of Fin. Servs. v. Gen. Reins. Corp., Case No. 08-443 (USDC N.D. Fla. Feb. 2, 2009).