Often times ethics programmes can have a blurred line of remit. Does it belong in legal, audit or is it always its own department? Regardless of where ethics falls within your organisation, legal has a very important role in compliance programme outcomes.

Download the latest research into the key insights and compliance challenges that legal teams are facing.

Get unique insights into the legal department’s role in ethics and compliance programmes. This report gathers data directly from legal professionals, general and senior counsel members worldwide to provide peer-to-peer benchmarks for building effective ethics and compliance (E&C) programmes. The report reveals particular challenges and strengths unique to the legal function including compliance training, policy and procedure management and third-party risk management.

Get insights and analysis of questions like:

  • What do general counsels value the most in their ethics and compliance programmes?
  • What are Legal’s top ethics and compliance challenges?
  • What are the most common methods legal professionals use to administer and manage attestations?
  • Is there any misalignment between legal’s responsibilities and the values of the organisation?

Sneak Peak of This Year's Findings:

Legal’s Stance on Compliance Training 

Legal sees training as one of the most practical and efficient channels to educate and reinforce an organisation’s code of conduct with employees. Data shows that Legal may value compliance training more than other departments in terms of reducing the likelihood of criminal conduct and wrongdoing. However, Legal faces its own set of challenges when offering effective training.

Review of Policies

Most legal respondents indicated that their organizations review policies annually; however, a significant percentage only review policies after an issue is raised.