The UK Government has issued a guidance document on how to make submissions for its consultation on Cyber-Security Organisational Standards. The guidance relates to a call for evidence issued in March 2013, pursuant to Government determination of the appropriate organisational standards of cyber-security for businesses. This follows last year’s publication of ‘10 steps to Cyber Security’, which forms part of the Cyber Security Strategy unveiled in November 2011.

Cyber-security has become a major issue for businesses, organisations and governments, and the likes of cyber-criminals and so called ‘hacktavists’ represent a serious threat to the UK. The Government states that “information security breaches cost the UK economy billions each year”.

The publication of ‘10 steps to Cyber Security’ led to business and industry questioning what levels of organisational cyber-security assurance were appropriate for themselves and their supply chains. The Government intends to review evidence received over the coming months, before selecting and endorsing an appropriate standard.

The guidance document includes the acceptance criteria for each of the various categories of submission which have been called for, together with details of how make submissions before the closing date of 14 October 2013.

The full guidance document can be found here.