CMA has published an addendum to its provisional findings relating to the capital requirements regulatory regime in the context of its retail banking market investigation. CMA conducted further analysis to understand the impact of the regulatory capital requirements regime on competition between banks in the provision of personal current accounts (PCAs), business current accounts (BCAs) and lending to SMEs and more widely across banks’ retail banking businesses. This additional analysis has enabled CMA to find, provisionally, that the capital requirements regime places banks on the standardised approach to calculating risk weights at a competitive disadvantage in lower loan-to-value (LTV) mortgages than banks on the internal ratings-based approach. However CMA will not be seeking further evidence as to whether the disadvantage in lower LTV mortgages gives rise to a barrier to entry and/or expansion in retail banking. CMA invites interested parties to submit reasons as to why the addendum  should not become final by 6 May. (Source: CMA updates provisional findings on capital requirements)