Alaska: House Brings Medicaid Expansion Lawsuit to State Supreme Court

The Alaska House of Representatives has filed an appeal in the State Supreme Court seeking reinstatement of its lawsuit against Governor Bill Walker's (I) executive order expanding Medicaid, according to the Alaska Daily News. Alaska's Independent Democratic Caucus has said the House, which did not formally vote on whether to pursue an appeal, could not legally appeal without a vote. A Superior Court judge dismissed the lawsuit in March, ruling that the Governor had the authority to expand Medicaid without the Legislature's support.

South Dakota: Estimated Medicaid Expansion Savings Up $18 Million After Changes in IHS Policy; Potential for Special Session Continues

The State has increased its projected cost savings from Medicaid expansion, from $67 million to $85 million, as a result of CMS's new policythat broadens the scope of services for which the federal government will fully reimburse for care of Medicaid-eligible American Indians (AI) and Alaska Natives (AN). State Health Secretary Kim Malsam-Rysdon noted that the Governor may call a special session to consider Medicaid expansion based on the increase in the projected savings.