As you may well be aware, Lega Nazionale Professionsti Serie A (the Italian top-tier soccer league) football rights have not yet been fully licensed. Whilst we are waiting for the results of the additional tender for the so called Package C and Package E media rights for the seasons 2015 to 2018, there is still some degree of uncertainty.

Package C includes ancillary rights related to live broadcast (e.g. interviews and locker rooms prior to the matches, unilateral camera positions, etc.) and is reserved to either the winner of Package A rights (satellite broadcast) or the winner of Package B rights (DTT broadcast). Package A had been awarded to Sky Italia, while Package B to Mediaset Premium, respectively the main Italian pay-tv satellite and DTT providers, following the initial tender of last May. Package E includes Internet, IPTV and mobile platform rights.

Rumors say that certain parties are considering legal options for breach of the tender rules by Lega Serie A(which – if grounded – might well reshuffle the allocation of certain packages), whilst other parties are urging the regulators for additional measures that would ensure more clarity about the roles of the advisors and intermediaries, avoiding potential conflict of interests.