New “Doctor’s Bag” emergency app for health professionals

Australian Prescriber and NPS MedicineWise have introduced a smartphone app to support Australian health professionals during emergencies.

The “Doctor’s Bag” app provides recommended doses for drugs in the PBS Prescriber Bag, including adrenaline doses for anaphylaxis and calculates recommended doses for children based on weight.

It also provides a step-by-step guide for the management of anaphylaxis based on the “Anaphylaxis: emergency management for health professionals” wall chart.

The information provided by the app is kept up-to-date in line with the contents of the PBS Prescriber Bag.

The app is available for free download on Apple and Android devices.


Practitioner reprimanded for unsatisfactory professional conduct

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal has found that a medical radiation practitioner engaged in unsatisfactory professional conduct by omitting information about her employment history when applying for registration.

Devorah Lindberg applied for general registration with the (former) Medical Radiation Technologists Board of Queensland in 2012. A requirement of registration at this time was one year of full-time clinical experience.

Ms Lindberg stated in her application that she had been employed by a “government hospital” in Dubai for four years. It was later discovered that Ms Lindberg had been employed at the Dubai Equine Hospital, where she had worked as a radiographer, primarily providing MRIs to animals, in particular horses.

The Tribunal held that omitting information about the equine nature of her experience meant that Ms Lindberg had not provided “full and complete disclosure of her work history”. The Tribunal found that Ms Lindberg’s omission constituted unsatisfactory professional conduct and reprimanded her with an order that she pay the Board’s costs.  


GP ordered to make payment to Primary Health Care subsidiary in contract case

The Victorian Supreme Court has ordered a Victorian GP suffering from allergies and mental illness to pay $100,000 to a Primary Health Care subsidiary.

Idameneo (No 123) Pty Ltd brought a breach of contract claim against the GP seeking repayment of the $600,000 purchase price it paid in exchange for the GP’s Greensborough medical practice and his agreement to continue working at a medical centre in Narre Warren.

The GP failed to meet the working requirements, being absent in excess of 50 days in the first year of the agreement. The Court commented that it was clear that the GP was mentally ill, suffering from, “…anxiety, paranoia and depression” before making the orders.

To read the full judgment, click here