Morton Fraser’s John Barrie is joined by Health & Safety expert Claire Anderson and Personal Injury specialist Jim Herd to pick apart some of The Myth Busters Challenge recent examples of H&S myths.

The team look at the Public Baths that have introduced a ‘No Shaving’ rule, which Section of the H&S at work Act has resulted in the ban on Yoyos in schools, the case of the child who fell on a paintbrush at school, the border agency staff that cited ‘Health & Safety’ after bosses requested that they work over time during the Olympics, 1Direction fans that were banned from putting up umbrellas at a concert and the plug being pulled on Bruce Springsteen and Macca during their Hyde Park gig.

They also look at Health & Safety legislation, liability, Common law Negligence and prosecution in the civil courts.

Is it a case of Health & Safety gone mad? Or has the fear of prosecution resulted in over cautiousness?

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