In previous briefings, we have reported on the level of fines following prosecutions by the police, HSE and CQC. Each prosecutor has its own jurisdiction, although a Memorandum of Understanding between the HSE and CQC means that CQC now take the lead in prosecuting “care” offences.

Recently reported fines include:

  • A Bradford nursing home and its former manager were ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £45,695 for failing to provide safe care and treatment. In this case a pressure sore was allowed to develop into irreversible skin damage which led to a worsening of the resident’s health and ultimately to her death.
  • A care home in Fife was fined £270,000 after a resident died after eating chlorine cleaning tablets. The tablets had been left unattended in an unsealed box, which was said to be part of a failure to implement a safe system. The patient sustained an injury to his mouth and tongue, and suffered vomiting. Following this he developed aspiration pneumonia, the complications following which ultimately led to his death.
  • Owners of a Nottinghamshire care home were ordered to pay a fine of £54,000 after a 94 year old man fell and suffered a fractured femur.