The Decree n°2013-400 of 16 May 2013 amending the decree No. 2009-1603 of 18 December 2009 relating to the regulated sale prices of natural gas was published in the Official Journal on 17 May 2013.

This Decree modifies the rules for the fixing of the regulated sale price of natural gas provided by this decree No. 2009-1603 of 18 December 2009. Thus, for each supplier, an order defines a price formula which takes account of all the procurement costs of natural gas and the valuation methodology for the costs unrelated to procurement. Every year, the Commission of regulation of energy must deliver to the Government a detailed analysis of all these costs borne by the suppliers. Based on this analysis, an order sets every year and for each supplier the tariff grids taking account, as the case may be, of the supplier's proposals.