Under compromise legislation (Bill 6602/13) recently passed by Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies, manufacturers will not be allowed to use animals in tests for cosmetics where alternatives have been established and approved internationally. The prohibition, which takes effect in September 2014, will not apply to novel ingredients—those with “unknown effects”— developed for use in cosmetics nor will it prohibit the sale of newly animal-tested products. Be Cruelty-Free Brazil campaigned for the legislation, but claims that it should be immediately amended to avoid certain “unfortunate loopholes” that will, for example, allow companies to test their products on animals in other countries and sell them back to Brazil. According to supporters, the bill was fast-tracked due to the World Cup and had the support of politicians, celebrities and nearly 100,000 individuals who signed a petition urging an animal-testing ban. See Humane Society International Press Release, June 5, 2014; Cosmeticsbusiness.com, June 18, 2014.