Solar energy systems are no longer just a way for companies to go green; current systems are also a financial solution that can help control at least a portion of a business’s operating expenses, Smart Business Network reports. Costs of solar equipment, installation and maintenance have decreased considerably over the years, “while quality, variety and versatility have improved,” according to the article. Matt Owens, president of Cincinnati roofing, maintenance and solar company Ameridian Commercial, said while electricity prices fluctuate significantly based on market conditions and demand, solar energy systems allow companies to “take more control of electricity expenses” since a system’s energy output can be reasonably predicted and built into financial plans. Industry developments have made the systems more adaptable and productive, as well. Alternative mounting solutions allow installations on “parking canopies, awnings and other freestanding structures” where space is an issue. Bi-facial modules allow “energy production not only from the sunlight directly hitting the face of the module, but also from light reflected off of the roof surface and on to the back side,” resulting in “greater energy production in the same roof space.” For more, read the full article