Father and son factory owners, Martin and Nathan Winter, were jailed for seven and five years respectively after being found guilty of gross negligence manslaughter following a fire at their fireworks factory in East Sussex which occurred on 3 December 2006. A jury held that the two were guilty of gross negligence as both had known that an unlicensed container was packed with fireworks liable to explode if a fire broke out. One fireman described the scene as like “the Battle of Somme” as the site was fl attened and covered with debris following the explosion. The incident killed two firemen and also injured 20 others, mainly Police and fire fighters. It was alleged that the Winters were fully aware of the requirements of the regulations concerning the storage of fireworks, but had “fl outed the regulations for profits” with Martin Winters being described as “reckless” by the trial judge. The company, now called Alpha Fireworks, was also found guilty of two breaches of health and safety legislation in connection with the incident, and was fined £30k.