To help employers prepare for an OSHA inspection, Sherman & Howard's Occupational Safety and Health Law Group has developed a new "Employer's Guide to OSHA Inspections."  The Guide is available here.

Maintaining a good OSHA record is more important than ever.  OSHA citations can be expensive - as much as $70,000 for a single repeat or willful violation - and are going up under OSHA's increased emphasis on enforcement.  In addition, customers, insurance companies and others are increasingly scrutinizing a company's OSHA record as a condition of doing business.  Proper handling of an OSHA inspection can help minimize this liability.

The new Guide is designed to help employers understand and exercise their legal rights before, during and after an OSHA inspection.  Sample inspection notes at the end of the Guide will help employers document critical information obtained during the inspection.

Readers are welcome to copy, distribute and use the Guide for educational purposes however they wish.  Members of our Group are also available to train or speak on OSHA's inspection process.

For more information about the Guide or training opportunities, contact any member of Sherman & Howard's Occupational Safety and Health Law Group.