After the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) reportedly granted and then rescinded labeling approval for a powdered alcohol product created by Lipsmark  LLC, the company has fielded a number of consumer and media questions about Palcohol’s® marketing,  safety and availability. Created by wine critic Mark Phillips, Palcohol® is described as “a powder  version of vodka, rum and four cocktails” meant to be mixed with water or other liquids prior to  consumption. Although it received approval for the new product “some time ago,” the manufacturer  was apparently “caught off guard by [TTB] making some of our approved labels public which we now  know is standard procedure.”

According to the product Website, the company has since surrendered its TTB-approved labels with  the intention of revising and resubmitting them for final authorization. In the interim, however,  the media attention has prompted Lipsmark to address concerns over “humorous and edgy” language and inaccurate labels  displayed on a draft version of its Website not intended for release. “We know there are a lot of  people opposed to Palcohol® and that’s their right. All we’re asking is that the media present a  fair and balanced story,” stated the company in an update. “even though the old verbiage was a bit edgy, we clearly stated then, and still remain adamant, that Palcohol should be used in a responsible and legal manner.”