The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted five more Section 333 exemptions for commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the United States, bringing the total number of such exemptions granted to 24.

Three of these exemptions were for UAS operations involving aerial photography for the movie and TV industries. Because the FAA basically concluded that these petitions were similar in all material respects to the petitions and relief previously requested in the Astraeus Aerial Exemption and the Team 5 Exemption, it did not include a detailed discussion of each petitioner’s case for the exemption or the regulations at issue. Instead, the FAA simply found that the reasoning underlying those earlier exemptions applied to these petitions as well, and therefore granted the exemptions with basically the same conditions as it imposed earlier on Team 5.

The two other exemptions granted by the FAA are amendments to previously granted exemptions in order to account for additional models of UAS permitted under the prior exemptions. All of the conditions and limitations in the previous exemptions granted to these two petitioners remain in effect, except that Limitation No. 1 was revised to incorporate the new UAS, and a revised limitation about reporting incidents, accidents, or flight operation transgressions replaced the original Limitation No. 35.