On December 23rd, the SEC provided notice of the filing and immediate effectiveness of a proposal by the New York Stock Exchange to amend NYSE Rules 116 ("Stop" Constitutes Guarantee) and 123C (Market on the Close Policy and Expiration Procedures) to allow more than one closing print to be reported to the Consolidated Tape for closing transactions that exceed 99,999,999 shares. Currently, the closing transaction is reported as a single transaction via a single print, but a size limitation in a new market data distribution system prevents exchange systems from supporting prints greater than 99,999,999 shares. Thus, executions of greater than 99,999,999 shares must be sent to the Consolidated Tape in more than one print, which together will reflect the volume of the single closing transaction. Comments should be submitted on or before January 25, 2010. SEC Release No. 34-61235.