The prosecution service in the Hague is due to question politicians in Jamaica about bribes allegedly received from the multinational oil trader, Trafigura. Dutch Prosecution spokesman, Mr Wim de Bruin, said that Trafigura “is suspected of having paid bribes to politicians in Jamaica”. The company was registered in Amsterdam, “which means that if a suspicion arises that it has made itself guilty of bribery in another country, the Dutch prosecution service can open a criminal investigation”.

Trafigura was fined €1 million by a Dutch court in July last year for illegally exporting toxic waste to the Ivory Coast. The company has lodged an appeal against that decision. Mr de Bruin said the Jamaican supreme court ruled last November that politicians in that country may be questioned by Dutch investigators about the alleged bribery, but could not say when this would happen. Trafigura in a statement denied “any allegations of wrongdoing concerning this matter”, but has stated that it will cooperate with the authorities.