The federal banking agencies have just adopted comprehensive regulatory capital rules that will implement Basel III in the U.S. In turn, it is time for banking organizations to understand the new rules and bring themselves into compliance with them by the beginning of 2015 (2014, for the largest banking organizations). The new rules make important changes to the definitions and components of, and minimum requirements for, regulatory capital; revise the required regulatory deductions from, and adjustments to, regulatory capital; and create a new “standardized approach” framework for the risk-weighting of assets on the banking and trading books of U.S. banks. In addition, the federal banking agencies have made some important changes to the “advanced approaches” regulatory capital framework that applies to the largest U.S. banking organizations.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • The revised minimum capital requirements, and the new definitions of capital;
  • Required deductions from and adjustments to capital;
  • The new “standardized approach” framework for the risk-weighting of on-balance sheets assets and         off-balance sheet exposures;
  • Changes to the advanced approaches capital framework;
  • The major changes made in the final rules from the June 2012 proposed capital rules;
  • The agencies’ proposed supplemental leverage ratio requirements for the largest U.S. banks; and
  • Other recent and prospective regulatory capital developments.