FCA has published:

  • forms for variations of permission for full scope AIFMs under the AIFMD, which sub-threshold firms opting into the AIFMD can also use;
  • guidance on the forms new applicants for AIFM authorisation should use;
  • forms for small authorised and small registered AIFMs;
  • a senior persons form for internally managed full scope AIFs;
  • passporting forms;
  • forms for marketing AIFs in the UK;
  • details of transitional arrangements;
  • forms for notifying material changes and major holding and control; and
  • a set of questions to help AIFMs from elsewhere in the European Economic Area (EEA) understand when and how they will need to passport into the UK under the AIFMD.

(Source: FCA AIFM Forms and FCA Publishes EEA AIFMD Questions)