None of us should be texting and driving. None of our employees should ever be working, texting, and driving.

We all understand these common sense rules, but does your organization have such policies in writing? If not, recent discussions by a top member of OSHA should cause you to make sure you do.

“We’ve never issued a citation or fine for distracted driving, but now we are prepared to and are putting that information out,” stated David Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Safety and Health during the Symposium on Prevention of Occupationally-Related Distracted Driving.

OSHA has added a distracted driving page to its Web site which states, “Companies are in violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act if, by policy or practice, they require texting while driving, or create incentives that encourage or condone it, or they structure work so that texting is a practical necessity for workers to carry out their job.”

Make sure you have a written policy in place that expressly prohibits texting while driving, whether in a company or personal vehicle. Such policies, when enforced, will go a long way toward helping prevent willful and other citations by OSHA, as well as help limit liability in other legal matters.