The United States Congress and Trump Administration approved an Omnibus Appropriation Bill (“Bill”) that keeps the United States Government funded through the end of September.

Both the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (“NACWA”) and Environmental Council of the States (“ECOS”) have analyzed various provisions in the bill dealing with funding of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”).

NACWA noted in a May 2nd publication that:

. . . funding levels for many important clean water priorities have been maintained, and in some cases even increased, relative to levels enacted in Fiscal Year 2016.

NACWA notes that the bill would provide:

  • 1.394 billion – Clean Water State Revolving Fund (equal to FY 16)
  • 171 million for nonpoint source control grants (increase of six million compared to FY 16)
  • 231 million for state clean water grants (equal to FY 16)

ECOS undertook a detailed analysis in the form of a chart of EPA’s budget. The chart includes various budget items such as infrastructure assistance grants and categorical grants.

A copy of the ECOS chart can be downloaded here.