The Provider Reimbursement Review Board (hereinafter "PRRB" or "Board") recently issued a fifth "Alert" amending the Board's August 2008 rules, effective July 1, 2009. New changes to the PRRB rules include:

Rule 3.2. Delivery of Materials to the Board -- Clarifies that documents may be submitted to the Board by U.S. Postal Service, by express or overnight mail by a commercial courier (e.g., UPS), or by hand or courier. The Board's normal business hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Rule 4.3. Date of Receipt Presumption/Calculating Filing Deadlines -- States that the date of receipt of a document is presumed to be either (1) the date stamped "received" by the Board on documents submitted by regular mail, hand or non-nationally recognized next-day courier, or (2) the date of delivery evidenced by a nationally-recognized next-day courier's tracking bill. It is the provider's responsibility to maintain proof of delivery.

Rule 24. Proposed JSO Content/Board Acceptance -- Revises the Joint Scheduling Order (JSO) rule to clarify that it is necessary to address every single issue involved in the appeal, even if a provider intends to transfer an issue at some point in the future. If an issue has not been transferred, it must be addressed fully in the JSO. This concept applies for every type of request that may be pending with respect to a particular issue (e.g., a jurisdictional challenge, request for mediation, request for abeyance, request for expedited juridical review (EJR), etc.) -- as long as the issue has not been resolved, transferred or ruled on, it must be addressed fully in the JSO. Any issue that is not addressed fully will be considered "abandoned," and subject to dismissal by the Board.

Rule 41.2. Own Motion -- Clarifies that the Board is permitted to dismiss a single issue from an appeal, upon its own motion, if certain specified circumstances exist.

The Board also made minor (helpful) changes to its model appeal forms, which are now available online in a "fillable" format. Providers should begin using the new versions of the model forms immediately.

The revised rules, with the new changes helpfully highlighted by the PRRB, are available online.