FSA has imposed prohibition orders on Paul Banfield and Anthony Moss (former directors of Best Advice Financial Planning Limited which was dissolved on 18 July 2011). It found that weaknesses in the firm's systems and controls had resulted in customers being exposed to the risk of receiving unsuitable advice. In particular FSA found customers had been advised to invest in unregulated collective investment schemes (UCIS) but found no evidence that the firm either understood the regulatory requirements relating to the promotion of UCIS or took reasonable care to ensure customers received suitable advice. Mr Banfield and Mr Moss have both been prohibited from holding any significant influence function and Mr Banfied has also been prohibited from being an investment adviser and fined £15,000. Mr Moss would have been fined £20,000 had he not provided evidence to the FSA that this would cause him serious financial hardship. Instead, FSA has publicly censured him. (Source: Press Notice, Anthony Moss Final Notice and Paul Banfield Final Notice)