As trailed at the time of the budget, Steve Quartermain, DCLG's Chief Planner, has written to all local authorities drawing attention to the ministerial statement on Planning for Growth and advising further on planning obligations.

The accompanying note points to the incentive of the New Homes Bonus to encourage local planning authorities to work towards bringing permitted sites forward. Where the burden of existing section 106 agreements is standing in the way of delivery, they should be reviewed and modified where appropriate.

The note also gives a reminder of the effect of the CIL Regulations (now in force for nearly 12 months). It encourages authorities to take steps to adopt CIL, pointing out that, from 2014 (or earlier on adoption of CIL), s 106 tariffs will be "inoperable".

We have written a briefing note on modifying planning obligations. The process for achieving that outcome needs to be considered at an early stage to avoid unnecessary delays.