On March 6, 2009, USCIS issued a memo providing clarification on the following P-1, individual athletes. The memo states that P-1 individual athletes:  

  • Are not subject to a lifetime admission of 10 years in the United States;
  • May file a petition for a new P-1 initial period of admission (up to five years) after they have been in the United States for a 10 year period; and
  • Must depart the United States after 10 years in order to be eligible for a new initial period of admission of up to five years.  

Aliens seeking status as P-1 nonimmigrant individual athletes must still meet all of the substantive requirements for those classifications and are subject to the normal rules concerning current Department of State visa validity, reciprocity periods, and maintenance of status. This guidance does not apply to P-2 and P-3 categories and derivatives.