Every company listed on a label of a consumer or commercial product sold or supplied for use in California in 2013 must complete and submit a survey to the California Air Resources Board by March 2, 2015.  Makers of hair sprays, cleaning products, floor waxes, insecticides, paints, as well as numerous other categories of products must submit their data in CARB’s electronic survey system, called the Consumer Product Reporting Tool (CPRT) and for formulators, the CPRT-F.  See Appendix A in the survey instructions for a full list of product categories.  The survey is unprecedented in its scope and breadth, and requires disclosure of trade secrets and confidential business information such as product formulations and sales data.  The survey does allow for “grouping” which if used strategically could help minimize disclosure of trade secrets.  Companies should also think about legal and technical strategies to protect their trade secret information from cybersecurity risks.