The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has apparently signaled its intent to proceed with an experimental study of consumer responses to nutrient content claims on fortified foods by issuing a notice of the proposed collection of information to the Office of Management and Budget. First announced in the August 15, 2012, Federal Register, the study would involve 7,500 adults asked to complete a 15-minute Web-based survey designed to gauge their responses “to expressed and implied nutrient content claims on the labels of snack foods such as cookies, carbonated beverages, and candy.”

“The study is a part of the Agency’s continuing effort to enable consumers to make informed dietary choices and construct healthful diets,” concludes FDA, which has estimated the total burden of this information collection at 3,099 hours. “Results of the study will be used primarily to inform the Agency’s understanding of how claims on the packages of fortified food may affect how consumers perceive a product or a label, which may in turn affect their dietary choices.” See Federal Register, August 22, 2013.