A foreman, James Johnston, from a recycling plant was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for gross negligence manslaughter following an incident where he crushed his best friend and colleague, David Liddle, under the wheels of a 20 tonne dump truck. Investigations established that Johnston had driven out of a shed at the Alex Smiles depot with an overloaded truck, despite not being able to see where he was going for at least 25 metres. Johnston had said that he had proceeded on "sheer instinct" alone. He was found to have very poor eyesight and had ignored an occupational health warning two years previously to visit an optician. Johnston pleaded guilty to gross negligence manslaughter, whilst his employers, Alex Smiles, were also prosecuted under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 for failing to provide pedestrian walkways. Whilst the judge made clear that he considered Johnston's failures to be the main cause of the incident, Alex Smiles was held partly liable and was fined £15k for failing to manage traffic safely.