The Department of Labor (DOL) recently issued its statistics for the third quarter of fiscal year 2014 for the Permanent Labor Certification Program. The DOL received 10,773 applications, certified 12,519, denied 942 and had 687 applications withdrawn. In evaluating the DOL trends from fiscal year 2012 to the present, the denial rate has dropped to around 7% and the appeals rate has more than tripled from 3% to 10%. Audit rates have decreased from 45% at the end of fiscal year 2012 to 25% for this first quarter, but now rose again to 28%.

The majority of PERM applications continue to be filed in the Computer and Mathematical fields followed by the following fields: Architecture and Engineering, Management, Business and Financial Operations, and Education, Training and Library. The states that list the most work sites in decreasing order are: California, Texas, New York, New Jersey and Washington. The Professional, Scientific and Technical Services remains the top industry, followed by Manufacturing, Information, Educational Services and Finance and Insurance. The overwhelming majority of sponsored individuals are in H-1B classification (83%). The five top countries of citizenship which are sponsored are: India (55%), China (7%), Canada (5%), South Korea (4%) and Philippines (2%). Currently most individuals are being sponsored in positions requiring an advanced degree (55%) followed by bachelor's degrees (38%).