The FCC last week issued a request for television stations to update their FCC Form 387 (DTV Transition Status Report) by July 18, 2008. The Commission is preparing a report for Congress on the status of the digital transition and has requested these updates to ensure it provides an accurate picture of the status of the transition. Therefore, any station that has not yet filed a license application for its final digital facilities should review the Form 387 filed for its station in February 2008. Stations should update the Form to report any significant changes, such as a change in the station's:

  • transition plan;
  • construction or operational status; and/or
  • existing service (e.g., reduction or termination of analog or pre-transition digital service).

The FCC also asked that the Form 387 be updated to report whether the station has filed any of the following since the station last updated its Form 387:

  • an application for extension of time;
  • an application for digital construction permit;
  • a request to reduce or terminate analog or digital operations; and/or

a petition for rulemaking to change its post-transition DTV channel.