The Victorian Government makes available a range of vouchers to assist companies developing and trialling new technologies. Vouchers can be used to access goods and services, including freedom to operate patent searches, and potentially other intellectual asset management services.

Heard it all before?

We have previously reported on earlier versions of the government’s scheme, including the voucher process, uses end eligibility.

What’s new is that:

  • The responsible Minister announced [PDF, 203KB] earlier this week that the government is again accepting applications for the ‘Holy Grail’ Technology Implementation vouchers, worth up to $250,000. The catch is that applications close on 22 October 2013.
  • Rumour has it that the voucher programs may not be around much longer. Anyone considering applying should act now.
  • Since our earlier post, the government has expanded the scheme.

Voucher Types

Happily, a range of vouchers are now on offer. Unfortunately, some people may find the existence of multiple voucher types across multiple programs somewhat confusing. We have prepared a table which sets out brief information on the various vouchers and their maximum value and status:

Click here to view table.

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