The American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) has submitted a proposal to the NAIC for immediate reforms to reserve and required capital standards for life insurance companies. One of the suggestions is to “facilitate Commissioners’ use of their existing discretionary authority under the Model Law and Regulation on Credit for Reinsurance to provide immediate relief to ceding insurers.” The ACLI proposes that the changes that it is suggesting take effect December 31, 2008, for the current calendar year. More information is available in a press release issued by the ACLI, a short summary of the proposals prepared by the ACLI and the ACLI’s letter to the NAIC, which categorizes the proposals as affecting the areas of life insurance, variable annuities, reinsurance, investments and accounting. The NAIC has assigned this proposal to the Capital and Surplus Relief (EX) Working Group of the Executive Committee. The Working Group is accepting comments on the ACLI’s proposal to the close of business December 26, 2008. Responses and comments from various areas of the NAIC are available. The NAIC also has created a “Grid of Information Relative to Each ACLI Request,”  which may be of interest to those wishing to explore these suggestions.