SIPO released the 2016 statistics, according to which, 1) the number of domestic ownership of inventions in China exceeded 1 million, which made China the third country in the world with the number of domestic ownership of inventions exceeding 1 million, following the U.S. and Japan; 2) the percentage of domestic applications for inventions among all types of patent application remained at 40% in 2016, with the enterprises’ applications for and authorization of inventions reaching over 60%; 3) the tendency of Chinese applicants applying for patents overseas is growing rapidly.

The State Administration for Industry & Commerce of China (SAIC) also released the 2016 statistics. According to the data, trademark applications totaled 3,691,000, ranking first worldwide for 15 consecutive years.

The top five provinces or cities in terms of trademark applications are Guangdong (689,434), Beijing (372,387), Zhejiang (327,572), Shanghai (257616) and Jiangsu (209,900). The top five provinces (cities) in terms of valid domestic trademark registrations are Guangdong Province (2,043,798), Zhejiang Province (1,315,742), Beijing (893,743), Jiangsu Province (743,670) and Shanghai (697,251). 01702/1901471.html