1. Brazil

2. Chile

3. Colombia

4. Mexico

5. Peru

6. Honduras

7. Panama


Brazil prepares tenders for airport concessions

  • SUBJECT: Airport concessions
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This month, Rousseff confirmed the government's plan to offer concessions to operate airports. The following airports will be offered to the private sector:
    • Salvador (Bahia state)
    • Florianópolis (Santa Catarina)
    • Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul)
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: National Airport Authority (Infraero)
  • STATUS: Pending to be published
  • PROJECT TYPE: Concession
  • DURATION OF CONCESSION: The details have not yet been published

Sao Paulo launches PPP for metro line 18

  • SUBJECT: Tender of line 18 of São Paulo Metro
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project calls for the construction, operation and maintenance of a 14.4 km monorail with a total of 13 stations, connecting the municipalities of the metropolitan region of São Paulo. It will run from the Tamanduateí station in the eastern region of the state capital to the Paço municipality (city hall region) of São Bernado Campo. Initial passenger demand is expected to be 300,000/d.
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: São Paulo state STATUS: The tender has launched
  • PROJECT TYPE: Public-private partnership

Brazil defined timeline for transport concessions

  • SUBJECT: Highway, railway, airport, waterway, and port dredging concessions
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Brazil's federal government has drawn up a tender launch schedule for highway, railway, airport, waterway, and port dredging concessions. The feasibility studies for the country's upcoming concessions have already been completed and the tenders are due to be launched
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Ministry of Transport
  • STATUS: Feasibility studies - due to be launched in the fourth quarter (around June)
  • PROJECT TYPE: Public-private partnership DURATION OF CONCESSION: Tbc


Chile is planning new highway concessions in the coming months

  • SUBJECT: Highway concessions
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Chile is set to undertake US$1.5 billion in new infrastructure concessions by March 2016. The works involve three highway projects:
  • Expanding Route 5: expanding the highway to four lanes from two between the northern cities of Antofagasta and Iquique
  • Tender of the new Santiago-Marga Marga-Quillota highway between the capital Santiago and the city of Quillota
  • Construction of a new highway between Rancagua and Alhué
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Public works ministry (MOP)
  • STATUS: Expected for March 2016
  • PROJECT TYPE: Public-private partnership


Colombia opens bids for consultations regarding El Dorado II airport

  • SUBJECT: Colombia has launched two tenders to carry out early-stage design studies for the El Dorado II airport, a new terminal that the government is developing in Bogotá in anticipation of a boom in passenger traffic.
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The new airport is anticipated to match the passenger capacity of Bogotá's existing international airport, El Dorado. Works are to be carried out in conjunction with expansion and modernization at El Dorado and are expected to be completed by 2021. The project is part of the country's air transport master plan.
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Ministry of Transport and National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) – the National aviation authority Aerocivil is overseeing one of the tenders
  • STATUS: In consultation phase
  • ESTIMATED INVESTMENT: Authorities have yet to determine a price tag for El Dorado II

Railway line in northern Colombia would cost US$1 billion

  • SUBJECT: Construction of a 260 km rail line connecting cities in northern Colombia
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The proposed rail corridor would link up Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cartagena, home to the three largest ports on the country's Caribbean coast. The train would function as a mixed service line, transporting passengers as well as cargo. The proposal was developed under Logport, a government-sponsored program to develop transportation and port logistics initiatives for northern Colombia. The entire Colombian rail system stretches for nearly 2,000 km, according to the transport ministry, though much of it remains out of service. Apart from a couple of small tourist lines, the network is primarily focused on cargo transport.
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) STATUS: In study phase

Publication of bidding rules for the last concession of the nation's 4G national highway plan

  • SUBJECT: Tender of Colombia's Bucaramanga-Barrancabermeja highway concession (part of the second wave of concessions under the nation's national highway plan, dubbed 4G)
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project will include 22 bridges with a total length of 4.5 km and two tunnels that span 6 km, along a 152 km stretch of highway that will run between the municipalities of Bucaramanga and Barrancabermeja in Santander department.
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: National Infrastructure Agency (ANI)
  • STATUS: The process will be closed on May 29 and the concession is slated to be awarded on June 6
  • ESTIMATED INVESTMENT: US$670 million. Part of the nation's US$25 billion national highway plan
  • PROJECT TYPE: Public-private partnership


Mexico launches two tenders for a new airport and will launch new tenders from September

  • SUBJECT: Tender for the new International Airport in Mexico City
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The expansion of the airport is developing in phases. The first 10-year phase includes a terminal building, control tower, 95 gates and three runways with a capacity to serve 50 million passengers per year. GACM (Mexico City airport group) the future operator of Mexico City's new airport, has launched two tenders for the project.
    • The first phase involves the construction of access roads and platforms for runway 2: Technical and economic proposals are due April 16, the tender is to be awarded April 23 and work is set to begin 15 days afterwards.
    • The second phase  involves building temporary drainage systems in the former Texcoco lake in the state of Mexico, where the airport will be built.
  • Bids must be submitted by April 15, and the winner will be selected seven days later. Work is set to start 15 days after that. Mexico is planning to launch more tenders for the new airport in September and October
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: The Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) and Mexico City airport group (GACM) STATUS: The tenders will be launched gradually; no precise date has been set

Mexico to launch four new road tenders in the coming months

  • SUBJECT: Road tenders
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The SCT plans to launch the bidding processes for projects to build:
    • The Indios Verdes-Santa Clara viaduct in Mexico City - The tender will be launched between March and April, and will involve US$648 million, but no further details of the other tenders have yet been disclosed.
    • The Orizaba beltway in Veracruz state
    • The Tulum bypass in Quintana Roo state
    • The Las Varas-Puerto Vallarta highway
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: The Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT)
  • STATUS: The tenders will be launched in the coming months
  • PROJECT TYPE: Public-private partnership

City Mexico Metro is preparing an international tender to purchase 45 new trains

  • SUBJECT: Mexico City metro is planning to launch a tender to acquire new trains
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The acquisition of the 45 trains, each with nine subway cars, will be carried out under a new payment scheme involving the outright purchase of the trains instead of leasing them
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: The Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT)
  • STATUS: The tender is expected to be launched next month

Mexico's transport and communications ministry (SCT) is working on a portfolio of seven airport projects

  • SUBJECT: Mexico's Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) is working on a portfolio of seven airport projects, most of them in Gulf coast states.
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: According to information on a ministry web portal called Obra Pública e Infraestructura (public works and infrastructure) six airports are in a planning stage and one is currently being built. The government will review PNI in conjunction with national construction chamber CMIC as part of a bid to increase the involvement of the private sector in infrastructure projects.
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: The Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT)
  • STATUS: In a study phase


Peruvian government to invest U$1.23 billion in Piura infrastructure

  • SUBJECT: Peru's government plans to invest US$1.23 billion in roads and airports through mid-2016 in the northern Piura region, a key producer of phosphates and oil and gas
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The budget is part of a push to pave 86% of the country's 70,000 km of roads by mid-2016. In addition to an upgrade of the runways at Piura airport, remodelling will be completed at the northern airports. The Piura region is home to Vale's Bayóvar phosphate mine, Maple Energy's US$280 million ethanol plant, the Chira-Piura irrigation project, oilfields, fishmeal plants and some of the country's largest agro-industry complexes.
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: The Peruvian government
  • STATUS: Tbc
  • ESTIMATED INVESTMENT: U$1.23 billion

Peru gives green light to Trans-Andean rail tunnel

  • SUBJECT: Peru's transport and communications ministry (MTC) has decided to build the trans-Andean tunnel.
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project involves the construction of a 23-km-long tunnel. The tunnel will primarily serve as a railway to transport people and goods. However, the consortium plans to assess different possible uses of the tunnel that could contribute to its profitability
  • The tunnel would slash the time it takes to travel from Lima to Huancayo by train to five hours from 12 and would ease congestion on the central highway
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Peru's transport and communications ministry (MTC) STATUS: A tender for technical studies for the project is due to be launched by the end of June


On 25 March an international tender was launched to build a new airport in Honduras

  • SUBJECT: International public tender to build the new Palmerola International Airport in Honduras
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the airport. The terminal will be built on the Enrique Soto Cano base in Palmerola, location of a US military base.
  • The Honduran government has arranged financing with the Spanish government to build the new airport.
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Secretariat of Finances and Commission for Fostering Public-Private Alliance (COALIANZA)
  • STATUS: The tender launched on 26 March. Interested bidders must pay US$ 5000 to access the terms and conditions
  • PROJECT TYPE: Public-private partnership


Panama Canal is assessing a new project expansion of around US$17 billion

  • SUBJECT: Panama evaluates project expansion of the canal
  • ROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Panama Canal is entering the final stage of its latest expansion, the construction of the third set of locks. The canal authority is assessing a new extension that would include a fourth set of locks, which would handle larger ships, carrying up to 20,000 containers.
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Panama Canal Authority (ACP) STATUS: The expansion project is still under evaluation