The EC has published a Communication on the steps which need to be taken in order to make the most of a data-driven economy.  The Communication sets out initial actions which are needed to provide the right conditions for a single market for Big Data and cloud computing in Europe.  Much of this is focused on the new data protection Regulation which the EC anticipates will be the key to making the regulatory regime data friendly.  Attention is also focused on finding and investing in Big Data ideas, developing access to raw information and creating skilled data experts.  The Commission also plans to issue guidelines on recommended standard licences, datasets and charging for re-use of documents.  It will look at mapping standards for Big Data in areas like health, retail and financial services, designing a European network of centres of excellence to increase the number of skilled data professionals and setting up a new data market monitoring tool to measure and map Europe's data economy.

The Commission is investigating ways in which data-driven innovation based on data-mining including text-mining might be enhanced and will also look at security issues, including international transfers.  Another goal is to issue guidance on anonymisation and pseudonymisation as well as best practice guidelines.