In late January, the U.S. SEC submitted a staff study to Congress that recommended a uniform fiduciary standard for investment advisers and broker-dealers that provide securities investment advice to retail customers. The study, which noted that broker-dealers are generally not currently subject to a fiduciary standard under federal securities laws, recommended a fiduciary standard no less stringent than currently applied to investment advisers be extended to broker-dealers. The SEC was required to undertake the study to comply with Dodd-Frank, and the study also provided suggestions for further harmonization of the broker-dealer and investment adviser regulatory regimes. Whether the study's recommendations are followed through with, however, remains to be seen. According to the SEC, the views expressed in the study are those of SEC staff and "do not necessarily reflect the views" of the SEC or individual commissioners.

In Canada, standards applicable to registrants such as dealers and advisers were somewhat harmonized in conjunction with the coming into force of the new registration regime for dealers, advisers and investment fund managers. Work also continues on IIROC's Client Relationship Model project, which attempts to address issues relating to such things as conflicts of interest management and suitability assessment. For a further discussion, see Ed Waitzer's post of February 17, entitled "Make advisors work for investors".