The UK Government's Environmental Audit Committee has issued a report that criticises both the European Union and the United Kingdom for pursuing biofuel targets. The Committee reports that biofuel targets are generally an expensive and ineffective way to cut greenhouse gas emissions when compared to other policies available. The report also said the biofuel targets are likely to cause food price increases and greater food insecurity in developing countries. The European Union has set a 10 per cent biofuel target for transport fuel by 2020 while Britain has a separate target of 5 per cent biofuels in petrol and diesel by 2010. The Environmental Audit Committee’s report states that: "emissions from road transport can be cut cost-effectively, and with lower environmental risk, by implementing a range of other policies." Examples given of such other policies include the use of waste vegetable oil and the development of more efficient biofuel technologies. The EU Energy Commissioner reacted by stating that the Commission strongly disagreed with the report's conclusion. Other recently published reports, however, also conclude that, although biofuels may emit fewer greenhouse gases, they have higher costs in terms of biodiversity loss and destruction of farmland.