$29 per month, according to AT&T.

The telecommunications giant launched its high-speed internet service, GigaPower, in Cupertino, California this week.  GigaPower boasts network speeds so fast that users can “download 25 songs in one second, download [their] favorite TV show in less than 3 seconds, or download an online HD movie in less than 36 seconds.”

The service starts at $110 per month – with a catch.  This price is available for customers who agree to participate in AT&T’s “Internet Preferences,” a program under which AT&T may use web browsing information, such as webpages visited, time spent on each, links or ads viewed and followed, and  search terms entered, “to provide customers with relevant offers and ads tailored to their interests.”  Consumers may receive these ads online, via email or through direct mail.

AT&T would be able to collect users’ web browsing information independent of a web browser’s privacy settings related to cookies, do-not-track and private browsing.

Those who’d rather keep their internet preferences private and opt out of the tracking program would have to pay $139 per month.  Are people willing to forego their privacy to save $29 each month?  AT&T is betting ‘yes’.