In a letter delivered Monday to House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman John Dingell (D-MI) and to House Telecom Subcommittee Chairman Ed Markey (D-MA), FCC Chairman Kevin Martin provided details on the FCC’s efforts to facilitate the transition to digital TV (DTV) and to inform the public about the end of analog TV broadcasts on February 17, 2009. Earlier this month, Dingell and Markey asked Martin to provide lawmakers with a comprehensive plan for educating the public about the DTV transition. While assuring Dingell and Markey that “the Commission is doing everything within its statutory and budgetary capacity to make sure that no American is left behind in this part of the digital revolution,” Martin asserted that the FCC is focused on (1) ensuring it has “the right rules in place to facilitate a smooth transition,” (2) enforcing its current DTV transition rules in a vigorous manner, and (3) promoting consumer awareness through education and outreach efforts that are targeted, in particular, toward the elderly, non-English speakers, the disabled, the poor and other hard-to-reach groups. Noting that the FCC has inspected nearly 600 retailers and web sites and has issued more than 250 citations since rules requiring the labeling of analog TVs went into effect last month, Martin said that a draft rulemaking proposal is now circulating among his FCC colleagues that seeks comment on steps that broadcasters, multichannel video distributors, retailers and manufacturers should be required to take to publicize the transition. Martin also confirmed that the FCC is working with the DTV Transition Coalition on plans to produce targeted public service announcements to be carried by broadcasters this fall.