Decree-Law no. 156/2015 – D.R. no. 154/2015, Series I of 2015-08-10

Sets out the rules governing rent subsidies for tenants with residential lease agreements, entered into before 18 November 1990 whose rents are being updated, and rules governing the calculation of corrected gross annual earnings.

Order no. 8809/2015 – D.R. no. 154/2015, Series II of 2015-08-10

Approves the Action Plan for Electric Mobility.

Order no. 8810/2015 – D.R. no. 154/2015, Series II of 2015-08-10

Rules and procedures necessary to establish the regulations for interruption of generation under the special regime, in particular the order and sequence of the reduction in power to be followed by special regime generators, connected to the RNT or RND.

Law no. 92/2015 – D.R. no. 156/2015, Series I of 2015-08-12

First amendment to Law no. 86/95, of 1 September, which approves the basic law on agricultural development.

Decree-Law no. 165/2015 – D.R. no. 159/2015, Series I of 2015-08-17

Regulates the Common Land Law, approved by Law no. 68/93, of 4 September.

Ministerial Order no. 250/2015 – D.R. no. 160/2015, Series I of 2015-08-18

Sets out the specific requirements for the construction and operation of race courses licensed to hold horse races on which horserace bets may be made.