On February 20, 2015, proposed Respondent MEGA Brands Inc. (“MEGA”) submitted a Statement of Public Interest in Certain Toy Figurines and Toy Sets, Docket No. 3054. The submission questioned whether Complainants LEGO A/S, LEGO System A/S, and LEGO Systems, Inc. (“LEGO”) could meet Section 337’s domestic industry requirement and suggested that the Investigation be submitted to the Commission’s Pilot Program for Early Disposition of Certain Section 337 Investigations. MEGA questioned whether LEGO, a Danish company with no manufacturing facilities in the United States, could support its domestic industry allegations based upon “licensing activities as its domestic industry.” MEGA claimed that it “is highly unlikely that the evidence will show that the economic prong of the domestic industry requirement has been satisfied,” and urged expedited review of the domestic industry issue. In its February 25 Reply to MEGA’s public interest statement, LEGO argued that MEGA’s submission was based upon nothing more than conclusory statements, that MEGA had admitted that it did not have access to the evidence supporting LEGO’s domestic industry allegations, and that MEGA’s suggestion for inclusion in the Pilot Program was “an attempt to gain a one-sided tactical advantage to focus not on its infringement, but rather on domestic industry proof.” LEGO noted that since the Pilot Program’s inception, the Commission has required an early disposition hearing in only one investigation, the 874 Investigation, brought by a patent assertion entity.