The HM Courts and Tribunal Service has published its annual statistics regarding the period April 2010/March 2011. Overall the number of tribunal claims received by tribunals in this period has fallen by eight per cent, and the number of claims disposed of by the tribunal has risen by nine per cent. Ultimately therefore there are fewer claims in the tribunal system than during the previous year.  

In particular, the statistics reveal the following:  

  • the number of single claims received has fallen 15 per cent;
  • the number of unfair dismissal and redundancy claims has fallen slightly;
  • claims under the Part-time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 have nearly tripled;
  • age discrimination claims have risen 32 per cent; and
  • the median award of £12,697 for age discrimination claims is the highest of the discrimination strands, with all others around £5,000 to £6,000.

Whilst it is encouraging that the number of claims in the tribunal system has reduced over the last year, the drop must be considered in the context of the surge in claims in the previous reporting year, where claims increased by 56 per cent. This was thought to be due to a mixture of increased multiple claims and economic factors. This year's claims still represent an increase of 44 per cent on the 2008/2009 data. Therefore we are still likely to experience lengthy delays in listing claims in the tribunal, and the continuing economic uncertainty may mean that we do not see any real decrease in the number of claims in the health sector.