On 7 May 2014, OFAC blocked the property of four individuals and four companies located in Canada, Barbados, Panama and China under the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act (“Kingpin Act”). OFAC alleges that two of the individuals, Canadian nationals Daniel Maurice Louie and Kevin Gim Louie (a father and son), operate a multi-million dollar enterprise that buys and sells significant quantities of chemicals used to manufacture synthetic drugs, including synthetic cannabinoids and cathinones. The other designated individuals are Francine Denise Louie, who is the wife of Daniel Louie and mother of Kevin Louie, and Tramayne Primus, a Barbadian national who is a business associate of the Louies. The designated entities include three companies with offices in Canada, Barbados and Panama, which OFAC asserts are controlled by the Louies and used in their drug trafficking operation. The fourth entity is a Chinese pharmaceutical company, Boyle Chemical Co., Ltd., which OFAC alleges to be the foreign source of the chemicals used by the Louies to manufacture synthetic drugs.

On 1 May 2014, OFAC blocked the property of Atiqullah Ahmady Mohammad Din, his brother Sadiq Ahmady and four entities under the Kingpin Act. OFAC alleges that  Mr. Mohammad Din, an Afghan national, is a major heroin and opium trafficker in southern Afghanistan who, through his network, manufactures, sells and smuggles abroad multiple tons of heroin. Mr. Mohammad Din is also alleged to handle the personal and business affairs of a Taliban financier who was designated as a major narcotics trafficker in October 2010. Mr. Ahmady and the four entities, three of which are based in Afghanistan and the fourth in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, were designated for acting on behalf of Mr. Mohammad Din and supporting his narcotics trafficking activities.

OFAC Announcement (Louie)

Treasury Department Press Release (Mohammad Din)