Royal Decree 257/2018 of 4 May amending Royal Decree 1299/2006 of 10 November approving the list of professional illnesses in the Social Security system and establishing criteria for the notification and recording thereof

The scientific evidence has shown that the breathable free silica dust, which take on a clear form, is susceptible to causing lung cancer. Therefore, lung cancer has been included as a workplace illness for workplaces exposed to the inhalation of free silica dust.

With regard to fulfilling the principles of proportionality, legal certainty, effectiveness and efficiency, this has been achieved via the only way possible, that is, by means of the approval of regulation.

Lastly, the principle of transparency is also met, as, prior to developing the project, a public consultation was done to assess the opinion of the most representative organisations potentially affected by the regulation. Information was provided to them on the matter via the Ministry of Employment and Social Security’s website.

Also, agent r, free silica dust and subagent 01 have been included as being liable to cause lung cancer.