A pharmacist published a media release to promote her pharmacy business which contained comments suggesting price gouging by pharmacies, stating the public are "paying too much", and "what is happening is profiteering: pure and simple". The pharmacist accepted that the statements breached certain obligations under the Pharmacy Council Code of Ethics, including one that pharmacists must not disparage the professional services of other pharmacists or pharmacies. The Tribunal found the pharmacist guilty of professional misconduct and stated that the remarks amounted to practising in an unprofessional manner, brought the profession into disrepute, and impaired public confidence in the profession. The pharmacist was censured: "the Tribunal must formally record its disapproval of the breaches of the Code of Ethics which occurred; members of the pharmacy profession should be in no doubt that breaches of the Code of this kind are unacceptable"; and ordered to pay $7,000 in costs. Ann Tiller (425/Phar11/195P).