UOKiK has submitted its standard six-monthly report to the European Commission on State aid provided to automotive companies operating in special economic zones (SEZ).

The report covers four companies, which have so far received State aid of over PLN 987 million (c. € 245 million). Within the last year, the amount of State aid increased by PLN 64.9 million (c. € 16 million).

Pursuant the Treaty of Accession the amount of Polish State aid that can be given to any automotive company that is active in a SEZ is limited. The limit is 30% of the company’s investment cost incurred until 31 December 2006.

The report shows that the value of State aid received by each of the companies (expressed as a percentage of its pre-2007 investment cost) has not exceeded the limit mentioned above, and amounts to:

  • 26% - Isuzu Motors Polska
  • 16.5 % - Volkswagen Motor Polska
  • 15.9% - Fiat Powertrain Technologies Poland
  • 1.6% - General Motors Manufacturing Poland.