The Wisconsin Senate is expected to vote Wednesday afternoon on a bill that could make it the 25th right-to-work state.  News outlets are reporting union protesters were upset on Tuesday when the Republican Chairman of Senate labor committee cut short the public hearing on the bill.  USA Today reports, “Dozens of people who had waited all day to speak flew into a rage, hurling profanities at the three GOP lawmakers on the panel.”  The full story can be found here.

The Chicago Tribune reports the three Republican members on the committee had to be escorted out of the room by police after the vote.

In 2011, unions in Wisconsin staged large protests against legislation aimed at taking away public employee collective bargaining rights. Union anger over the measures, which the Republican-controlled legislature passed and Governor Scott Walker signed, led union officials and Democrats to circulate recall petitions that forced Walker to face a recall vote and let to the ouster of two Republican state senators.