On July 18, Freddie Mac issued Bulletin Number 2013-13, which updates or revises numerous selling requirements. For Relief Refinance Mortgages sold under fixed rate cash commitments taken out on or after July 19, 2013, Freddie Mac is reinstating the cash adjustor for mortgages with loan-to-value ratios greater than 105% and less than or equal to 125% and is adjusting the cash adjustor value for mortgages with LTV ratios over 125%. Effective immediately, Freddie Mac is relaxing requirements regarding authorized user accounts to give sellers that option to evaluate the impact of authorized user accounts on a borrower’s credit report. If a seller determines that the impact on a borrower’s overall credit history is insignificant and the information on the credit report is representative of a borrower’s credit reputation, then (i) for Loan Prospector mortgages, the Loan Prospector decision may be considered valid and (ii) for manually underwritten mortgages the FICO score may be considered usable. The Bulletin also (i) simplifies eligibility and review requirements for condominium projects; (ii) eliminates requirements contained within Section 22.24 of the Seller/Servicer Guide for properties in subdivisions that do not have resale restrictions; (iii) updates section 22.23 of the Guide with new terminology to eliminate references to “inclusionary zoning;” (iv) updates certain ULDD data point requirements for Condominium Projects and Manufactured Homes; and (v) clarifies the eligibility of living trusts for Texas Equity Section 50(a)(6) mortgages.