In our October 2007 issue, the Insider pointed out that the EU intends to end mail monopoly. Recently, the German Government set a high minimum wage for the postal industry…In response, the Deutsche Post, which is partly privatized, announced “big job losses” and the Netherlands postponed the full liberalization of the Dutch mail market which was planned for next month. The reason: the Postal “minimum wage” is higher than other minimum wage levels in Germany and also appears to be higher than international standards now in existence. This has resulted in layoffs…By the way, minimum wage was unknown in Germany until recently and it is being used as a way of getting increases in salaries rather than decreases…There is a reason for everything and, to use another cliché, “things are not always what they seem.” Applying “a minimum wage” to the Postal industry in Germany looks like an attempt to maintain Deutsche Post’s home monopoly. But it still restricts competition and kills jobs.